Hundreds of 30 Minute Videos
When you realize that pornos are as fake as
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that has 100% “REAL” amateurs. We get at
least 95% of our women to pose fully nude
with very few restrictions. They may feel
a certain degree of hesitation &
shyness when the session begins... But,
that quickly disappears & many become full
blown “Attention Whores”... These are every day women
you might see in an office, restaurant, the gym or the beach.
Sure, you might wonder what they look like as you strip
them naked item by item. Many of our video clips do that!
We start fully clothed & get them to “Buck Naked”...


Hundreds of amateur sessions...
You will see very imaginative ways to play with nipples & boobs,but we play with a lot more. Props, bikinis, body-
stockings, bras, girdles, thigh-highs, fabric wraps like the
red wrap Cashley is playing with right here. We even
include pussy shots whichare typically done towards
the end of the session.

We provide you fabulous
variety in all the
AMATEURS we post.
The women come
from all walks of life.
They may be asyoung
as 18 & as old as
“Mature” No matter
how young or old,
we try to capture the female
form in ways that make them
look sexy, sensual & fresh!

Girls in their teens (18-20) Girls 21-25, Girls 26-30 Women 31-36, Women 37-44 Women 45-56, MILFs Cougars, Mature Amateurs 40+ A few 2 Girl Sessions.

Even within the basic fetish of breasts & nipples there exists sub-categories that deal with the shape of the nipple, the size of the nipple, the texture of the areola, the size of the areola and the color of the nipple.

We have seen nipples so light that it was hard to tell where the areola started & where nomal body skin tones began. Or nips so dark that they looked like a velvety dark black chocolate.

Several sessions with models having nipples measuring more than 3 inches across the reola. Our record is 5.5 inches, which is a full 1/2” bigger than the diameter of a DVD.

Amateurs Captured In Great Detail...

Eraser nipples have always been a favorite... Ooooh they look so nice when pulled. Real puffy nipples is a common fetish, but very difficult to find in the real world. We see some mild pufiness in our pregnant models & a few of the younger volunteers.

Long nipples is some-thing that many look for. Our model #221 Olympia wins hands down in that category. Amateur Xenon is the winner for the largest protruding portion of any nipple we have ever seen. They are about 1.375 inches in diameter NOT including the areola.

All of our Amateurs are having FUN! Show me a picture where they are NOT smiling! Some of the Amateurs pictured here are Jessica Amateur # 080 Ashby Amateur # 142 Beth Amateur # 191 Rebecca Blue Amateur # 378

Whether they are brunettes, redheads, blondes or some other color right out of the bottle, they’re all fun for us when they pose in front of our cameras. Just look at the variety found in all our gals. Anastasia Amateur # 366 Presley # 0374 (2 girls) Anastasia & Presley show that not even 2 “A” cups are the same. Mia & Anastasia (2 girls) in session # 085. Mia & Anastasia show a massive difference not only in boob size but nipples too!

Gale Amateur # 358 Perfect roundness & tanless as a bonus! Fannie Amateur # 357 Trying to make pigtails! Ryen Ryder # 318 Dual headlights look! Tessa Amateur # 320 With a hang so nice could simply drool! Camille Amateur # 210 is a dead ringer for Candace Bergen.

Martha Amateur # 415 sure looks like Martha the amazing home-maker. Juicy Jessica Amateur #411 has posed for a major magazine & looks like Pamela A. Emma Amateur # 304 looks like Sandra Dee with the sweetest tits you could ever imagine.

Mankind has had a serious fascination with breasts & nipples as far back as history can take you. Our closeup shots of nipples & breasts are legendary. The variations in shapes, colors, textures & size could fill a large book! We have pierced Amateurs here along with many beefy looking nips you could really sink your teeth into. Just look at the differences in color for the photo selections above.

Amateurs Captured In Great Detail...

We capture the beauty & elegance of everyday girls & mature Amateurs in a way that makes them feel sexy, sensual, smart & alive. We get so many positive comments from both men & women who are happy to view a site that is NOT a heavy PORN overload, but instead a seemingly endless stream of sexy women willing to flaunt their goods for the world to see. Many of our Amateurs may be far from perfect. But they show a zest for life that is real! Minxx, Wanda, Zonda & Maxine V are just the tip of the big boob BONANAZA at JustNips.Com What blew us away was both Wanda & Zonda were just so short & so stacked at 5’2”... A “C” cup would look huge on either one... But when you go more than 1/3 of the way through the alphabet to get to their cup sizes, it does give you time to reflect.... See also Dorothy with her 38DDD’s

Bras & Other Clothing Props...

Bras are an integral part of the world of female underwear. We have seen so many colors, styles & models here. White, black, beige, blue, red, orange, green & multi-colored ones. A bra with polka dots would be one of our favorites. Nursing bras, Shiny satin bras, lacy white ones & bras that have some heavy duty work to do. At JustNips.Com we work this fine article of clothing into both our still photos & video scenes. Ariel Amateur # 368 showed up with a fancy ORANGE BRA, which was 100% a sweet surprise. Allison Amateur # 218 has a naughty school girl look with breasts so small you just wonder how long ago she started sprouting them. Bee Amateur # 349 Has an innocent look & showed up with funky “Cat in the Hat” thigh-highs. Crystal Amateur # 001 was our very first session & what a surprise to see such small yet amazingly saggy breasts with relatively huge areolas. We get more mail about her than the next 20 girls combined! Totally sweet personality & just 19 at the time. I have had members offer to form a pool to collect money for implants though! Evvone Amateur # 132 has some sag & a dark brown areola that covers more than 1/3 of her breasts... Like a chocolate dipped strawberry.

A few pregnant Amateurs too!

Pregnant Amateurs in far greater detail at PregnantUSA.Com With pregnancy comes lactation & milk. Mia & Anastasia show how you can play with it. Nicole Amateur # 205 shows her belly extends far beyond her DD’s. Angie Amateur # 147 has her hand on her belly. Jessica Amateur # 048 in a classic pose.

Xara Amateur # 380 bending over for a view from below. Pistol Amateur # 386 has a punk look with a spiked mohawk hairstyle. Terri Lynn # 202 the youngest just 3 days past her 18th birthday.

Xenon # 262 is a mature Amateur with world class protrusions. Your jaw will drop, your mind & pulse will race... OMG WTF Pierced nipples add a degree of mystery to what are already some pretty interesting body parts.

When it comes to pierced nips we have seen rings, spikes, barbs & a lot more. Many of those amateurs may have tattoos as well. What makes them fun is when the gal pulls & tugs on them & generally gets the tits to move around. Closeups of the nips with piercings is all part of of both a video & photo opportunity with these beauties... Implants are just a part of our culture. You either like them or you don’t! No matter what you prefer, we have had a few come our way.

Most memorable Gina Jones (Bodybuilder), Claudia an ex Score model along with RoxyRouge in her rebel one-piece swimsuit. Ruby Amateur # 297 has a coy smile & the most subtle “A” cups we have laid our eyes on for a long time. In fishnets she has seductive powers that defy description.
Ginger Amateur # 103 has nips that should have their own category or named description. Olympia Amateur # 221 wins with the longest nipples & the longest natural hair. Her nipples are looong before she even pulls on them.

Gillian Amateur # 081 We have seen small breasts, but Gillian defines smaller than “A” cups & should be elected as the president of the “Itty Bitty Titty Club” Hairy Nipples on Olga our little Russian Amateur # 059.

Our Session Settings. Getting women to pose naked for the first time is quite a sales job. So don’t expect to see them in public places or more elegant outdoor settings. We sometimes spend the first 30 minutes of a session just building trust & a comfort level that gets them to the TOPLESS stage.

From there it’s usually pretty easy sailing till we ask for the panties to come off. Most of them do allow crotch shots to some degree. We are always happy when it goes to wide spreads & they become full blown exhibitionists.

Breast & Nipple Oddities...

We spent 3 weeks talking Riley J into posing. Very reluctant to show her “B” cup on the left & “D” cup on the right. We fell in lust with both of them & the video sequences are 100% neat & eye-opening!.

Jessi # 014 is a member favorite with perky boobs & nips that simply are in a class of their own. Gretchen # 353 came with attitude & persona along with an array of tattoos that made for interesting visual effects. LaRue # 168 has 2 of the roundest most perfect breasts. A natural full “D” when pregnant, now a “B”. Amanda # 045 in a double-jointed pose just for you!

Brenda # 074, Renee #369 sports a “C” cup very nicely. Sunshine #259 is an ethnic blend of Japan & Mexico. Sadie # 256 best described as a natural born“Attention Whore” who played for the camera whether for stills or video like a pro & had no inhibitions about showing off her photos.

First Time Posers

You will see shy Amateurs posing for the first time. We show you in both stills & video what happens during sessions. It does have a voyeuristic element to it. We know, because requests to sit in on our sessions are almost a daily event. But, we respect the privacy of our women & do what we can to make them feel comfortable & very very safe.... If you really have been searching for variety in Amateur boobs... You found it right here! Our more explicit & intimate views of our Amateurs are restricted for MEMBERS ONLY.