Hundreds of 30 Minute Videos
What you see in our still photo sets you will also find in our videos. The only difference is MOTION!
First time poser all dolled up with that "Oooooh" look on her face!
Morgan March in the Itty Bitty
Tittie Club (but nice nips!)
Natural good looks & perky
We have lots of that here...
Some just put themselves into
interesting poses like this...
Dorothy 38DDD Amateur.
We say your bra is too small!
B cup & D cup on the same gal!
I want to play with both!
Honey & Brown Shuga from our
“Milk Wars” video...
Monster areolas almost as big
as a DVD. Roxie Ray
She looks like “Pamela A”
& #411 posed like a pro!
Kendra Banx & Naughty Starri.
A 2 girl video show with 15 clips!
Juicy Jessica shows her flexing ability & a flashy smile that is so sexy!
A perfectly erect nipple, just one of many closeups you will find here!
Gabby is #394 & sure looks great in this crotchless red fishnet!
Presley & Anastasis are “A”
cups & as different as can be...
Xenon has “Mushroom” nips...
10 videos of her here...
Hallie is 30 weeks pregnant & has that "Mom-to-be" glow about her.
Our Amateurs are “REAL”
No plastic fake Barbies...
Harmony in a classic pose
that we should Zoom in on...
Alanna with monster lactating nips still putting on her "Milk Show!"
Our favorite pose. Butt way up in
the air & the pussy as a clamshell!
Maxine V pulling on her "E" cups. Class & beauty with this ebony gal.
Katerine with a huge belly &
very dark nipples. Pregnant.
"Baby Face" Chaney looks so young we had to check her ID twice!
Minxxx is a 46FF & ooooh can
those babies swing!!!
Eryn #274 wins the prize for the roundest natural boobs ever!
Our smallest Milker was
Bernadine.... We all got wet!
Our sexy Librarian was Christine. She even had glasses for "The Look"
Perfect is very boring...
We look for the unusual!
Cashley took the largest glass dildo we had like a trooper! (WOW!)
Kelli. We photographed her BEFORE anyone knew who Sarah Palin was...
Emma is our Sandra Dee Look-A-Like. Sexy no matter how we posed her...
Candida... So innocent, so shy! Freckles & an amazing body!
Kendra banx in one of her super
hot clubbing outfits... Smoking!!!!
Black gloves & cat on the prowl
look for this "Goth Look" Amateur.
Juicy Jessica with a kinder & gentler Pamela A. Look-A-Like... Mature!
Our members favorite session as Kendra & Naughty select dildos to use on each other!

GREAT AMATEURS This is a very, very small sampling Amateur Videos our members see every single day! By now you already have a few favorites. Join & see these Amateur photo sets & videos in just a few minutes...

Amateurs In Costumes (Sometimes)

We encourage our Amateurs to bring clothing they already own for the session. One more mature Amateur showed up with a Nurse uniform, French Maid outfit, Little Red Riding Hood set & a Dominatrix getup...

These Amateurs Set Their Own Limits

The models set their own limits as to what they will do. Topless is our bare basic minimum. Fully nude is more typical. Fully nude with pussy play involving a dildo is perfection. Just because it’s JustNips.Com does not mean we do not appreciate the remainder of the body as well. Pussy play is shown towards the end of the session unless the willingness to pose that way reveals itself early on. We have had several sessions where the model has gotten lost in the moment with her dildo & brings herself to the most beautiful natural “O” you have ever seen. We just run film & shut up (so that we do not ruin the audio track!)... Dallas is a prime example. To quote her “That was an 8.5 out of 10.”

2 Girl Sessions (Of Course!)

We have done several 2 girl sessions. We find that more often than not, they just “HAPPEN” when 2 girls that already know each other show up or hook up to do it. Kendra & Starri (4 or 5 O’s) Honey & Brown Shuga, Alia & Renee, Anastasia & Mia, Presley & Anastasia, Kore Goddes & Tinkerbell.

How Do We Get Them To Pose?

How do we get them to pose? It’s really a slow process. THEY have to be 100% comfortable & above all feel SAFE. Shyness is quite normal unless they already are in the adult business. We advertise & tell them this is Nude & Glamor photos... NOT porn. There is no sex involved, although the way they look is pretty darn sexy & sensual.

Are the models paid? Yes. Either in the form of money, photos or a combination of both. If you want to pose just drop us a line through the contact us form.

Info On The Amateurs...

What is the youngest model? The youngest was 18 and three days. We had to look at the ID a couple of times to be sure. Who is the oldest? 56 with a natural “J” cup. And a FIRST TIME model. Some just wait longer than others to pose. Shortest poser? 4’9” But, we are still looking for a Midget or Dwarf... Go ahead, don’t be shy apply! Maybe a 6’2” woman next to the shortest Amateur could be fun to look at as a contrast in opposites. Smallest & largest tits. Gillian a member favorite with boobs so small that an “A” cup bra was waaaay too big. Zonda with her 44HH on a 5’2” frame along with Wanda & her “J” cups are hard to forget. But, F cups, DD’s DDD’s FF & an E certainly do make an impression. & recently a 38JJ. That’s 10 letters into the alphabet! Areola size ranges? Smaller than a dime & larger than a DVD. But, we think what is more striking are the smaller breasts with larger areolas. The longest nipple prize goes to Olympia. The largest protruding nipples are the ones that Xenon has. 1.375” in diameter. THAT is only the protruding portion of the nipple, the areola not included in the measurement.

Breast Shapes

The overall shape of breasts is a total category of its own. We have “Speed-Bumps” to Melons... Banana Boobs, Puffy nipples, Bulls-Eye nipples & more. Once you study the variety we offer you simply get a greater appreciation of women & their beauty. We do not go overboard to put too much makeup on for the session. Come as you are is preferred.

We had one member who wanted us to make a list so he could go JUST to all the models with D cups or larger. We wrote back & said that he should take time to appreciate the mams REGARDLESS of size... 3 weeks later we get a note, & now he has an appreciation not only of the huge ones, but the B & C cups which the average American woman has as their natural full grown size.

Yes we have men, couples & women that enjoy what we present. Many members have been with us since the first day of launch.

What About Implants?

We are asked all the time if we photograph women with implants... We do. We simply do not go out of our way to find them. They kind of just come to us. We prefer “100% Natural” but, we have had some very nice “Boob Jobs” come our way... Claudia (ex Score model) is one, as well as Camille our Candace Bergen look-a-like & others.

The Average US Woman is a B to a C Cup

This site not only shows men & women all about breasts & nipples, we hope that it educates & informs in an entertaining way. We have raised the self-esteem of many women who have posed for us. We have given perspective as to what breasts really look like. Not just the ones chosen by mens magazines (as the American ideal), but the ones that adorn the gal who serves you coffee, your secretary, your wife, your friend, your lover...

Celebrate the differences. Enjoy what is unique about each nipple & breast, no matter what the size, color or shape!


You will simply have to discover for yourself what others have found before you. A site that is NOT hardcore porn, yet is quite stimulating in its own way by offering the natural beauty of Amateur woman posing for the first time. There can be a very liberating feeling about the whole process as many young ladies have discovered.

We have collaborated with a few other photo-graphers on a few shoots, but our content has never been sold to other sites. That’s what having unique content is about! If a 1,000 other sites had what we have, why would you even bother to stay a member right here? Every time we pull out our still cameras & video gear to capture another Amateur it is exciting.

Surprising Amateurs

We are often as surprised as to what we get to see as you may be. Session #430 was one such session. We often find ourselves longing to see nipples & breasts so unique that we suspect most of them that are in this category on the internet are probably photoshoped. Yet when this model removed her bra... There they were... “PUFFIES” the likes of which we had never seen before.

We know that inverted nipples may be about 3% of the female population. Based on what we have seen, puffies may be less than 1% of the female population, & they come & go based on what is going on in the female life cycle. Puffies on younger women just developing breasts is more likely. Finding them on a woman 20-35... RARE

Why This Site Was Started...

This site was started out of the frustration of surfing the net trying to find ANY site devoted to everyday AMATEUR women photographed & filmed to feature more than anything their breasts, tits, boobs (whatever you want to call them)...

No XXX Boy—Girl Video or Pics Here...

You may have noticed that most XXX pornos spend less than 90 seconds focused on the female mammary in any 90 minute or 2 hour film. And, what you see is just a fleeting glimpse of what we & other “Boob Men” & women are really looking for.

Yes we have men, couples & women that enjoy what we present. Many members have been with us since the first day of launch.

Our Videos Have What Boob Lovers Seek!

What makes our videos & stills different is that we play & direct our Amateurs to have fun in stimulating ways with their tits.

Slow Motion Video of Boobs (Oh YES!)

Sessions include bouncing, wiggling, jiggling, swaying, pulling & teasing of nips. We like to mix it up & have the gals do jumping jacks, & we capture many scenes in regular speed & follow up with a SLOW MOTION sequence to see what you are missing.

Our SLOW MOTION Is filmed at four times the frame rate. Our six second clips play back for about 24 seconds. We celebrate the differences that are pretty obvious... An A cup bouncing next to a D cup is quite amazing. But now imagine Wanda & her natural 34J’s as she bounces them, swings them & has them defy gravity in slow motion video that will have you saying OMG... WTF!!

Then watch Kore Goddess 38JJ in 4 special performances (2 of which are 2 girl specials... They swing, they sway, they bounce & even drip & squirt milk. Oh yes, it is that spectacular!


Watch as sisters Emerald & Nikki put on a very special 2 girl boob bouncing, wiggling & jiggling show. We think they came up with more unusual 2 girl positions for the video than anything we had thought of before. In fact there are routines they used that are now being integrated into our newer sessions since they worked out so well.

Sisters Tinkerbell & Eve is a pregnant video opportunity with just a few days to go before delivery. Eve was there with little sister having fun in video & photos alike.

Video Quality

Our video is indeed high quality with 720 x 406 resolution. Our output is in .mov format better known as Quicktime, which is quite compatible with all systems & renders superior viewing quality on all platforms.

We try to get the woman into positions that you may never have seen before, from the point of looking at breasts from angles & vantage points that puts you into a POV type shoot. Some of our techniques...a body pan head to toe (& everything inbetween), boobs as seen between the legs, the view from the floor looking up as boobs swing & sway. A view from above the model head looking down...It’s what the gal sees when SHE looks at her own tits. Doggy style positions allow for a more pronounced look at the breasts hanging, but also a walk-around of the subject provides an interesting perspective of that person & her body proportions.

Our Favorite Position... (Yours Too!)

Our favorite is the doggy style pose with one shoulder lifted way up in the air. At one time the viewer sees the far breast & nipple in profile, while the other breast is elevated & shows the nipple straight on with a perfectly round form. We joke with the gals when in this position since & have nicknamed it the CFMN pose “Come F Me Now” & based our unofficial survey, it is the preferred position for 95% of women no matter what age... You probably already guessed that!

While in the doggy style pose it’s a great time to reveal the delicate shape & position of the pussy & the inner & outer lips. THEY are as unique as breasts & nipples will ever be. We feature a more in depth look at that with our site PussyBlue.Com where we have the same models, but with a definite empahsis on the region between their legs. Showing pussy, lips & the glorious clit.

How Close Do We Get?

We do macro photography in our stills & we get pretty darn close in our video too! We have had a couple of members complain about hairy nipples... But actually what they are seeing 99% of the time are normal body hairs so fine you could not pluck them with a tweezer! But, when you see them at 8-10 times magnification they are quite enormous!

FREE Sample Videos

This page has 6 short sample videos. The other vidcaps just give you an idea of the variety we have on both women posing for us, & the kind of nips & boobs they possess. The samples are in full resolution, just shorter than what members will see.

We have shot A cups to JJ cups, & have to laugh when some Want-To-Be model says they have “D” cups & suggests we might not see too many of them... We respond with “No, last week we shot a DDD, an F cup, a HH and an E... But “D” cups we don’t see them too often”

Why Do The Amateurs Pose?

What makes a 100% total AMATEUR want to shot with us you might ask? It is typically a combination of wanting to experience something different... Wanting to see quality pictures of themselves nude. Showing off for a boyfriend, husband or lover. Needing a few pictures for the kind of work they already do as a dancer, “Entertainer” or beginner model... But more often than not it is simply an overwhelming need for a few $$$’s.

We find the best time to post ads for models is the last few days of the existing month & the first week of a new month. Simply put, their rent & bills are due...

We treat our ladies with courtesy & respect. Some of them will “interview” us before deciding to pose. We are fine with that! Some of our funniest sessions have been where the person being photographed & filmed brings a female friend along as support. One standout session was when Janice brought Misticember along...(Guess she has aspirations of being Miss December) We left the audio track in tact for laughs & giggles... We even let her use the camera & she took a few photos...

Not everyone that poses is comfortable showing us “Everything” so we kind of go with the flow so to speak. But, many times, by the end of the session inhibitions have flown by the wayside & they shed & show what they were too shy to, just 2 hours earlier.

We have done a few sessions in disguise. We use a large variety of props, sunglasses, wigs, different hairdos, coverups, makeup & more.

Bras That Do Not Fit!

We have models all the time that walk in with bras that simply do not fit! We reach into our “BOX of BRAS” & pull one out. Often it’s a far better fit than what they walked in with. Guys fitting gals with bras SHOCKING!

“Toys” & Props...

One of our more fun props is the Maternity Bra... It offers great possibilities for playing Peek-A-Boob...

Bikinis, 1 piece swimsuits, leotards, exercise wear, thigh-highs, pantyhose, body-stockings, fishnets, shoes, boots, fabric wraps, breast pumps, manual & electric, pyrex dildos & vibrators are just a few of the things you will see routinely in our sessions.

With the manual breast pumps you will see what it might look like to suck on that breast through the clear plastic cups. Interesting when it is pumped & released in quick order...

Pregnant Amateurs...

A segment of the Amateurs that we do photos & videos of are pregnent. We show them here to some degree... But in far greater detail at our other site There we can have a closer look at the belly & other aspects of pregnancy & lactation, that may not appeal to all.

Pussy & Crotch Shots...

Those models willing to pose 100% nude will have some pussy shots shown here. A more in depth look can be seen at

Should I Join Your Other 2 Sites Also?

No... Simply decide which is of more interest to you... Breasts & Nipples, Pregnant Women... Or Women naked with more of an emphasis on the crotch or Pussy area. Then join the site that covers that fetish. There is overlap of some of the materials. But there is always material on one site that will not be seen on the others & this is done by design.